23 December 2009

Where's the Snow?

The tradition of having Father Christmas and Jack Frost visit each year before and during the holiday's is something a person takes for granted. Each year you complain of the cold, how you can't wait for summer to show its pretty head. It's not until you're scooped up and sent to an area with warm weather when you things just don't look right.

It's the 23rd of December. I'm looking out the window and the temperature is something like 67F degrees (19C). There's palm trees, green lawns, water fountains, blue skies, etc. Let me tell you... it's ODD!!!

Yes, This is weather that we all love and wish for in the northern portion of the country where the weather is cold and miserable this time of year. Actually, with all the cancellations of flights and the extremely cold temperatures occurring I must admit that its a nice escape... just a weird time of year with all the talk of Santa and Christmas on TV.

I know what you're thinking... a person is never happy... always complaining about whatever the situation they happen to be in. Well, no complaints here. Just thinking its odd... pretty surreal actually.

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  1. Wow! I'm guessing Florida. Yes, as much as we hate the cold, it is strange not to have a white Christmas. Merry Christmas! Wish you were here with me, in cold country! ~ Just Joany
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