24 December 2009

Burning the Christmas Tree

NOTE: The title is just meant to grab your attention and not to be anti-Christmas.

I was reading on Yaya's Home and her blog On The Eleventh Day of Christmas - A Shortcut In Winter just a few moments ago. She was talking about making fire starters and trying to keep warm in their home. This all being because the electricity keeps cutting out and they have to use their two fire places.

I have got to say that taking the time to make fire starters really is dedicated, especially when I know they have a very nice fire starter sitting in their home... that would take no time AT ALL to prepare. Yet, I know Yaya is very protective of her tree and would never let that happen.

Might she after the holiday? Maybe she'll let us know.

Evergreen flammability is something that I learned in Boyscouts. That information should now be applied in life.

Yaya doesn't even have to let the removal of branches show... they only need a tiny bit each time. Just take branches from the non-visible portions of the Christmas Tree.

I'm only trying to help save Yaya time and keep her and her husband warm.

I hope she keeps us posted if the tree ever does get nabbed.


  1. Hmmmm. I wonder that Yaya has not eaten your face at the mere mention of such an idea. What if her tree is artificial? Word Designer
    Word Designer

  2. hehe... she would NEVER allow an artificial tree in the house. Actually, we were talking on the phone and she laughed about it and thanked me for the comment.

  3. But what if she had no tree?

    I saw a picture of you in a Santa Claus outfit. I'll have to post it on my site for you sometime. Really cute. Turtle as Santa.

    Happy New Year, Turtleface!

    ~ Just Joany
    Red Wagon Flights